The health centre of Libofsha in Fier was inaugurated today by the Swiss Ambassador in Albania Christoph Graf, Minister of Health and Social Protection Ogerta Manastirliu, Project manager of “Health for All” Dr. Besim Nuri and other representatives from local authorities.

“Good infrastructure and investments in equipment are necessary for the health sector in Albania. However, this is just the beginning. Other factors for quality health care are trainings, knowledge gains and motivation of thousands of health professionals” said the Swiss Ambassador Christoph Graf. He mentioned the fact that this year the Project “Health for All” will invest more in health centres mainly in rural areas.

“The rehabilitated health centre in Libofshë guarantees today services based on standards, close to the settlement for 10,000 residents of this area. This is a model of health centres that we want to extend all over the country through the national program of rehabilitation of 300 health centres in 4 years. This is an integrated model of rehabilitation of infrastructure, equipment of family doctors and nurses with bags containing the necessary instruments and their training” said the Minister of Health and Social Protection Ogerta Manastirliu during her speech.

The manager of the project “Health for All” Dr. Besim Nuri during his speech thanked the staff of the health centre in Libofshë for their work, health and other local authorities of Fier qark, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection for the close cooperation and the Swiss Embassy for the support provided in further development of health sector in Albania.

Reconstruction of the health centre started from the building where the roofing, electric systems, hydro-sanitary installations, doors and windows, drain system, new furniture, signage were redone completely. The catchment area of the health centre includes 10 villages and has a staff of 4 family doctors, 22 nurses and 1 laboratory technician.

Visitors had the chance to see in practice the use of “doctor’s bag” that each family doctor has received and that includes basic medical instruments like stethoscope for children and adults, oximeter pulse, glucometer, neurological hammer, and fetal stethoscope.  The project trains family doctors and nurses and involves them in peer review groups/forums to exchange professional information.

The Project “ Health for All” has trained the team of family doctors and nurses of the health centre for the management of acute medical conditions, usage of computers, email and internet and also has provided training for the Director and economist of the health centre on health management, financing, budgeting and procurement.

Libofsha health centre is also equipped with information and education materials on hypertension, diabetes, healthy eating, importance of physical activity, etc. Furthermore the Project has provided laptops for three family doctors of the centre. In recent year, the health sector has received increased support from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).